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Resolux Turbine Lighting System
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Resolux Turbine Lighting System

Providing wind turbine tower lighting is essential to technician safety. Resolux lighting systems are leading the way with durable, robust, and cost effective lighting solutions. Springer Controls is the sole United States source for these advanced lighting products, and carries a full line of interior tower lighting systems that are specified by wind turbine OEMs such as Vestas, Siemens, Suzlon, Nordex, Alstom, Repower, Acciona, GE, and Goldwind.

Resolux has been delivering superior lighting products designed specifically for the wind turbine industry for over 15 years. Resolux lighting systems are highly engineered for the rigors of this application, and provide the only true vibration and impact resistant lighting products for the wind industry.

Wind turbines are notorious for being placed in harsher weather locations. Resolux lighting products deliver un-paralleled performance and utilize many innovative features. Systems include heaters on the lamps which provide instant, full illumination on demand. Each lighting product is made from Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), with reinforced fiberglass. Diffusers feature a high quality polycarbonate finish that allows for flexibility without cracking or shattering from removal and use. Clips that are used to secure the diffuser to the base are composed of nylon, which allows maximum flexibility and strength without breaking, tearing or degrading over time. Each lighting product is equipped with electronic ballast, with upgrades available such as battery backups as well as heater elements.

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PDF Resolux Wind Light PA Recessed Lighting (PDF - 164 kb)

Wind Light PA Overview
- Strong base & diffuser
- IP67 rated
- Compression moulded glass reinforced polyester base
- UV resistant polycarbonate prismatic diffuser
- White painted metal gear tray
- 3 part stainless steel or 2 part polycarbonate clips
- Special wiring mounted to resist vibration
- 60, 90 or 180 minute emergency light


PDF Resolux Wind Light FT Recessed Lighting (PDF - 180 kb)

Wind Light FT Overview
- Vibration resistant
- IP65 rated
- Compression moulded glass reinforced polyester base
- UV resistant polycarbonate prismatic diffuser
- White painted metal gear tray
- Stainless steel or one part polyamide clips
- Special wiring mounted to resist vibration
- 60, 90 or 180 minute emergency light

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