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Wind Turbine Rotary Gear Limit Switches

TER Rotary Gear Limit Switch
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TER Rotary Gear Limit Switch

All power generation applications require systems and components that can be relied upon for uninterrupted service. Maintaining consistent predictable uptime is a critical factor in determining output and operating costs. Rotary gear limit switches play a critical role in wind turbine operations. That’s why Springer carries the TER (Tecno Elettrica Ravasi) line of rotary gear limit switches; in fact Springer is the sole U.S. supplier of these superior products.

Whether you’re dealing with a warranty issue, a failure, or just need to update your system with modern controls, Springer can deliver. Springer Controls can provide fast turnover and in-house repairs, ensuring that down time is kept to a minimum.

TER (Tecno Elettrica Ravasi) has decades of experience in the energy market providing accurate, efficient, and resistant control systems for energy production equipment. Wind turbines operate in harsh environments; systems are subject to conditions such as condensation, extreme heat and cold, humid and salty air, and constant UV exposure. TER manufactures high quality components that can withstand these conditions, providing a degree of protection unsurpassed by their competitors.

These advanced products provide precise machine handling and control thanks to product accuracy and repeatability for managing and controlling the yaw and pitch gear of a wind turbine. Using a rotary gear switch, motion is transferred from the yaw or pitch gear using a combination of potentiometers and encoders. This effectively allows for the management of all information regarding angle positioning and speed, as well as acceleration of the blades. This ensures maximum operating safety and efficiency. The TER line of rotary gear limit switches range from 2 switch units in IP67 polycarbonate enclosures to larger switches in aluminum enclosures, with nickel plating (saline fog resistant) and 12 switches. Each can be uniquely outfitted with various potentiometers and encoders depending on the specific use.

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PDF Springer Controls T.E.R. (Techno Elettrica Ravisi) Limit Switch Specifications (PDF - 2.53 MB)

Base Specifications 
- 1:15 to 1:150 speed ratio
- IP67 rated
-  2 or 3 micro-switches (4 available on request)
- Dust Proof, Dust Tight, Protected against submersion in water
- 800 Maximum RPM
- UL approved
- 8mm shaft standard
- 3 amp rated operating current

Fox Specifications 
- 1:15 to 1:450 speed ratio
- IP65 rated (IP67 available upon request)
- 2 or 4 switches
- Dust Proof, Dust Tight, Protected against water jets
- 800 Maximum RPM
- UL approved
- Horizontal or Vertical Assembly
- 2 amp rated operating current

Oscar Specifications
- 1:1 to 1:450 speed ratio
- IP65 rated (IP67 available upon request)
- 2-8 switches
- Dust Proof, Dust Tight, Protected against water jets
- 800 Maximum RPM
- UL approved
- Horizontal or Vertical Assembly
- 3 amp rated operating current

Top Specifications
- 1:1 to 1:450 speed ratio (special order ratios above 1:450)
- IP67 rated
- 2-12 switches
- Dust Proof, Dust Tight, Protected against submersion in water
- 800 Maximum RPM
- UL approved
- Optional potentiometer (2 total)
- 2 amp rated operating current
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